Quick couplers are similar to Hydraulic Couplers. Quick Couplers are faster and easier to connect because they don’t require to be screwed. They are made so that switching between tools doesn’t result in loss of compression, as it can happen with tools needed to be screwed on.

Quick Couplers

Agricultural and General Purpose Applications

  • Used on farm equipment and general contractor applications 
Quick Couplers - Industrial Contractor Applications

Industrial/Contractor Applications

  • Designed for higher pressure than general purpose quick connects
  • Flush face is designed for minimal spillage
Bulkhead Quick Disconnects (Industrial (Contractor) Appl.)

Industrial/Contractor Applications: Bulkhead Thread

  • Higher pressure with minimal spillage
  • Bulkhead thread design mounts to a plate providing easy access for attachments
  • Commonly found on skid loaders and excavators
Quick Couplers - High Impulse Applications

High Impulse Applications

  • Designed for very high pressure applications and high impulse applications
  • Commonly found on shear and hammer attachments 
Quick Couplers Test Port Couplings

Test Port Couplings

  • Provides a convenient connection for testing pressure, temperature, and other diagnostics
Quick Couplers

Trucking Industry

  • Provides and easy connection between tractor and trailer on wet kits
Quick Couplers Porta Power

Porta Power

  • 10,000 psi application 
  • Used for connecting porta power jacks

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