The original Alan Hydraulics & Machinery Shop


Since 1988, Alan Hydraulics & Machinery has been providing hydraulic equipment and repair services in San Antonio and the surrounding communities. Our company was named after the son of founder Dennis Quick, who saw a need in the heavy equipment industry for a company that could service hydraulic hoses for heavy equipment companies and others who require a full-service hydraulic hose shop that can expertly build hydraulic hoses in a timely manner. After a couple of years cylinder repairs were added at customer’s request and a few years later pumps, motors, and valve repairs were added at our¬†customer’s request. During this growth period customers were asking for air couplings and equipment, grease fittings and equipment, water fittings and hoses, clamps and accessories, pressure washing equipment so all of these things were added to our business. As you can see our customer’s needs have been the driving force for our growth.

Today, Alan Hydraulics & Machinery remains family-owned and deeply rooted in the community. For more than 25 years, Alan Hydraulics & Machinery has been providing services to a wide variety of customers, including those within the construction equipment, trucking, automotive, oil and gas, and food and meat packing industries. We owe it all to our loyal customers and our dedicated and knowledgeable staff.