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  • July 15 | 2013

    Welcome to our new website. We’ve worked hard to build a one-stop shop for all your hydraulic and machinery needs. We repair and service all industrial hydraulic systems, machinery, and components and work with customers in Construction, Trucking, Oil & Gas, Ranch & Farming, Automotive, Warehousing, and Equipment. Be sure to check out our Product […]

  • July 9 | 2013

    AW hydraulic oils are general purpose oils used in construction equipment, farming equipment, and industrial hydraulic systems.  They are blended with foaming, rust, and oxidation inhibitors, as well as anti-wear additives. AW hydraulic oils comply with ISO viscosity specifications and are recommended for equipment requiring and anti-wear fluid and operating under normal to moderate pressures.  Most […]


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Alan Hydraulics & Machinery is a family-owned and operated business with strong Texas roots and values. We specialize in the trouble-shooting, repair, and service in all industrial hydraulic systems, machinery, and components. We have the capabilities to meet your hydraulic equipment and component needs, keeping your business operating with minimum equipment down time and increased reliability.

For more than 25 years, we have been successfully providing Hydraulic Pump Repair, Hydraulic Cylinder Repair, Hydraulic Motor Repair, Hydraulic Valve Repair, Industrial Fittings, and Hoses and Hose Repair to a wide variety of customers throughout Texas.

Alan Hydraulics & Machinery has the experience and the ‘know-how’ to service all of your hydraulic equipment in a timely manner and, best of all, we can do it all under one roof. We are your “one-stop” shop and are committed to your satisfaction!